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Building Inspiring Spaces

I was born and raised in Malta and I learned a lot of my work ethic through working alongside my father.  I stared as a stone sculpture at the age of 14 years old.  My father and I worked on churches, private homes, and statues throughout our country of Malta.  My father at the age of 17 began his career by building churches.  He actually built our village church in Ghajnsielem, Gozo, Malta.  I learned a lot by working with him especially the pride he takes in his work and craftsmanship.  My reason to start a buisness today is to countinue my father’s purpose in this country; as well as to build a foundation in here for my own family.

I’m proud to say through my sixteen years in this country, I have become proficient in carpentry.  I love to create things with my hands.  My talent grew strong by the countless renovations I took part in throughout my career.  My past work involved supervising and assisting on worksites throughout NYC and the five boroughs on remodeling apartments, duplexes, and brownstones.  My main goal is to provide superior work to my clients and 100% customer satisfaction.